Attitude Grace

In four days it will be Christmas, 12/25/2022.

I doubt that there could be a more perfect time to write this article? To take our one opportunity to state for whom and why this publication exists. To ask the one question every Christians must face, "what is my attitude to God's Grace?"

Suffice to say, I believe that any reading this article will conclude, the facts indicate that most Christians have lost their way.

In 1954 an English preacher, by name of Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones, delivered a series of 232 sermons going though Paul's letter to the Ephesians, verse by verse,  to his Anglican parishioners in London.

The letter was written by the Apostle in 60-62 AD while imprisoned in Rome. It is addressed to the Saints living in Ephesus and must be considered as God's Holy word brought to us by inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

I do not believe I am in any place to comment on the attitude of God's chosen today?

But I can write what God has said about His saints and let the Holy Spirit do any work required.


Ephesians 1:1-2 Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of God, to the saints who are in Ephesus, and are faithful in Christ Jesus: 2 Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.


to Saints:

are Faithful:

in Christ Jesus:

by Grace:

at Peace:


There we have it, the definition of a Christian, "a Saint who is faithful in Christ Jesus."

The first question we must ask is, "are we a Christian?" There is no purpose in examining your attitude to God's Grace if you are not a Christian. It would be like asking a person who had never seen a soccer game what their attitude to the soccer world cup was. If you are uncertain please contact us, seek spiritual council, for there is no greater question than this in a persons life?

The second question to ask, assuming you believe you are a Saint, set apart by God's Grace to faithfully follow Jesus, is, "why is your attitude so dark at times?" Grace redeems us, but that is only the beginning of His plan for our peace.

The answer for me came when I realized that I did not fully understand God's blessings. On the 5th of May 2014 when my daughter Stephanie died from her cancer I hated God. My wrong understanding of God's Grace, my wrong understanding of Spiritual blessing, and my grief brought me to a decision point.  God either was, or God was not. My attitude, based on my expectations, based on my wrong understanding was my problem. God's love was perfect.

I am not going to say it is easy to accept God's Grace, or to accept God's call, or that I understand much, for that means dying to self. But it is in dying that we are born again, and it is in dying that we are given eternal life, and His peace.

I urge you to examine your faith, to know if you are a saint, and to seek His calling to you. 

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